The Evolution Of Pop Music And Art


Music has been widely available to everyone. When you open the radio, your mobile phone, the internet, music streaming is just about everywhere. Music is a form of art but does that mean that every singer or performer can be considered an artist as well? This is a question that has been debated numerous times. How about those who could not sing but was just popular because of some viral videos? Popular. This has become the coined word for a genre of music that has been gaining a lot of attention from the masses. But what is pop music and how did it evolved? Did it start all by itself or was it also influenced by other genre of music?

When we say pop music what usually comes in to mind is those bubbly bubble gum sounds that we often hear in the radio. Songs ranging from Britney Spears to NSYNC and to the younger version there is One Direction, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. The pop culture has been the most successful among the different genres of music as they target the masses among others. Because of this, producers has been milking the industry and looking for the next big thing. Many of this so called pop artist often sing songs that were written by others while some break the norm and write their own songs. But what is pop music and how did it started. Is this genre considered as art?

The word “pop” is the short version of “popular” and by the name itself it connotes a genre of music that is appealing to the general public. The word pas first coined during the 1920’s to describe songs that were poplar during the time. But pop music didn’t not survived on its own. It is influenced by a lot of genres and developed throughout the years. During the early years, pop music got its influence on sentimental ballads getting its vocal harmonies from soul and gospel music. The music was taken from jazz, country and rock influences as well.

MusicBut how can you say that a certain song is under the pop category? There are certain characterization distinct with pop songs. First and foremost, pop songs is aimed for the public. They are not created for a certain group of culture rather for the general public. It appeals to a wide range of market as compared to other genre. Pop music is more focus on craftsmanship rather than a music or performers artistry. Its value for art is not the same as with any forms of music.

It also focuses more on the recording side of the project rather than its live performance. Another characteristic of pop song is its emphasis on the “now” rather than the future. It tends to look in to the current trend rather that the sustainability of a song. And lastly, although not all the time, many pop songs are upbeat where in people who listens to it would want to dance and move. What you would notice in a pop song is how it employs rhythmic elements and repeat them throughout the song making it hard to miss.

Pop or any other genre, what matters is that it invokes a certain emotion from its listener. May it be dance music or ballads what is important is that it brings happiness to the people. It can be a form of art or now but nonetheless it is still music and when there music people can easily pass the time. Who can disregard the people who are waiting for the bus to arrive while listening to songs? Or those on the bus and subway and even those at the parks. Music is there for a reason and as long as it serves its purpose then it is effective.